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tv   [untitled]    March 2, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PST

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[inaudible] >> superovlose [inaudible] supervisor compoes [[inaudible] supervisor mar. mar present. supervisor [inaudible] tang present. supervise rb wiener. wiener present. [inaudible] all members are present >> thank you ladies and gentlemen of the jury can you please join in the pledge of
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allegiance. i pledge allegiance to to the united states of america [audio weak] difficult to understand. >> there are no communications today. items one-5 complice the consent calendar. these items are consider teen. >> [inaudible] i kill call vote >> items one-5. ween i. ye.
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i. [inaudible] supervisor comps-comps y. chew? chew, i. [inaudible] ferrule, i. supervisor tang. tang i. there are 11 i was. motion approved. can you read item 6. item 6 is a ordinance to [inaudible] 94 thousand dollar grant [inaudible] accountability measure squz amending the annual salaries of one addition to bun trial attorney grant position [inaudible] >> item [inaudible] without objection this ordinance is
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passed >> grant fun for [inaudible] entitleed oak dael avenue for the period of july [inaudible] >> supervisor coen >> just a few technical amendments on this item. you should have a copy before you. the amendment specify the time period for this application and also clarifys if awarded the fund, the planling dp apartment kill expend them in a manner consistent with the resolution and the grant application. this will enable city and state funds [inaudible] oakdael avenue [inaudible] i do ask for your support on these maempts and please support this resolution >> en made a [inaudible] on the underlying [inaudible] without objection this
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ordinance is passed in the first as amendmented. >> iteal 8 is a resolution to authorize the tax collector to [inaudible] real property at public auction >> this resolution is adopted. >> item 9 the resolution to [inaudible] transmission project. >> supervisor avlose >> thank you, we had a discussion about this item in the budget finance committee and there were a lot of questions i have consistent with the [inaudible] yard going to the proceeds [inaudible] public housing and the other part acquired by a private developer. we want to put conditions on that [inaudible]
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i have language around those conditions. there was also a major part of the resolution that discussed a pg and e swich yard adjacent to the property and using infrastructure district funds to pay for a screen that goes around the switch yard or cover the switch yard which prevents sound from emanating the new neighborhood. i don't think it makes sense to put support for financing for switch yard. pg and e should pay for that because it a pg and e property there. [inaudible] suggesting i need people to cover the screen
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around the switch yard and one other amendment is calling for reporting back after the [inaudible] to the board of supervisors 3 days after reporting that discusses the sale and who the properties [inaudible] will be addressed at the yard. i [inaudible] meant for these to be passed out and you can rerf to the language we have. >> i read [inaudible] on page 3--striking oit the language referring to infrastructure finance funding. that is make sure we are not giving a green light and that could be discussed at other time or better pg and e can cover the
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cost themselves and the question is 23 the state will have them pass that down [inaudible] the other amendment is on page 4 and reads, nob nab board of supervisors nob number structure the yard-such that the department of real state will seek authorization of the yard [inaudible] for the site consistent with the requirement for this resolution or seek the [inaudible] conduct a auction or such compare tchb process to identify a qualified bidder and [inaudible] and sale option which price will exceed the current price of the yard and any city transaction cost and transfer the option to the highest qualified bidder. the last is adding to the amendment
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as a whole is the board of supervisor [inaudible] structure the yard and purchase and sale such that the [inaudible] issue a report to the board of supervisor 30 days after the closing [inaudible] option to purchase the site which includes purchase price and site contamination and transfer [inaudible] on the site of the private party if applicable. we know who will be on record to address any contamination and [inaudible] as much as possible. one other strike out on page 5. starting with 121. detailed information to the board of supervisors of the cost of construction [inaudible] screen. since we
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are not look ath the screen we are striking that language out. [inaudible] >> made a motion. is there a second on that motion snf 2nd. [inaudible] do you have comments on these amendment? >> support these amendments to the resolution >> supervisor cent >> i had a couple question tooz theport as well. i know [inaudible] i can't able to ask these questions. i prec the amendment and the amendment that supervisor avlose admitted. they clireifyed my concerns. i want to make sure i understand this because it feels like transaction we haven't done before knwant to understand it correctly. i am glad we moved this to department of real state
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because i never [inaudible] purchase property in the past. [inaudible] is this something you know that the city has done? >> the closest analogy to [inaudible] that we have been able toidentify in consalitation with the department of real state are the [inaudible] they were cal trans property which came to sit position and up zoned and [inaudible] indicates here and to the transportation >> that is helpful. to the the second piece of that question, the concept of have
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option-being able to -when we transfer a seller to purchase, does that mean it doesn't transfer to the city >> [inaudible] should answer that question. from a staff perspective we think we structured this as a transforbl option so the city isn't in the chain of title. the sale would be between pg and e and the 3rd party developer. >> is that the correct understanding? >> [inaudible] that is my understanding, but frankly it is rudimentary >> rudimentary? >> my personal level of knowledge >> i think my [inaudible]
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from the concerns that right now the site is appropriate for industrial use and if we up zone it to allow residential or office there is necessary clean up that needs to occur. i know that is the liability that runs with the title. if the city did hold the title i think about future implications of the cities liability around clean up >> if i can address that, the quality control board did a complete investigation of the site. there is a deep restriction, permitted use [inaudible] industrial uses as you mentioned and can also include office without further clean up activity. there would need to be a listing of the deed to allow residential use. we have been clear that a 3rd
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party buyer will have to accept any liability exposure and this is possible the benefit of supervisor avlows amendment is we are not asking permission to exercise the option. we would come back to had board of supervisor prior to [inaudible] we would direct these liability issues at that time >> i appreciate the amendment, it makes me more comfortable supporting it. i represent treasure island and clean up is a very complicated process, but happy to see these amendment move forward and [inaudible] with these amendment >> any additional discussion? can we take the amendments as moved by supervisor ovlose
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without objection. without objection is the case. [inaudible] if we can take that same call. without objection. the resolution is adopted >> item 10 is nob number unclaimed personal property including bikes [inaudible] design today present juvenile delinquency and low income [inaudible] >> supervisor avlows >> i hope you can nob number this has been years in the making in practice. we have had groups working with the police department to distribute bikes for a couple years and it is enormous success [inaudible] to have acsss to bikes and have fixed bikes and repair bikes
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and how to be safe on bike squz we are building a new generation of cyclists in the city [inaudible] fossil fuels which is great. [inaudible] don't have access to benefit oz f bike squz we are great to have this legislation. the police department supports what we are doing and very cooperative about this. human service agency which is part of the distribution of bikes over the years. we have a-with the committee level we established a amendment that allows bikes to be kis tribeted to low income adults. we won't have bikes that are at the highest end, but the resale value of
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500 dollars which can get you a decent bike. what is available are good quality bikes that [inaudible] need a home this legislation will make that happen and hope to have your support. i would like to thank germy pollack in my office for working on the legislation and groups around the city taking [inaudible] many other organizations and the bike coalition staff mb [inaudible] has done a great job of reaching out and making sure this program can be workable all over the neighborhoods and exemp lore of how [inaudible] hope to have you support. thank you >> supervisor mark >> i want to thank supervisor
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avlofor this piece of legislation. [inaudible] row covering stolen bikes and doing everything they can to return them to their owners. this is a great way to support [inaudible] low income neighborhoods. i [inaudible] other community groups. i want to say that on the [inaudible] of the city there are many low income youth populations that can benefit. we have the city doing great programs at middle school level and richmond district and neighborhood sent squr orelt groups. [inaudible] hoping to work and bring this to other cities where there is need as well [inaudible] >> i want to think [inaudible] i'm hoping i can
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have my name as a cosponsor for this. when i was in junior high, i remember that my first bike that i ever purchased was in junior high and went down to the police yard where they had the bikes where they were stored and they auctioned off the bikes so i was able to purchase by first bike for 15 dollars, a 3 speed. i appreciate what you are trying to do for our residence >> supervisor avlow's >> thank you [inaudible] appreciate that. it was a great hearing we had and the ordinance and there is a really wonderful sense in the room that this is something that would benefit people in all
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walks of life came out to support it and it was just very inspirational to see people involved in the legislative process >> any further discussion. same house same call. this is passed >> revolution of an agreement for non profet owners association of [inaudible] commencing upon board approval to june 30, 2021 >> this revolution is adopted >> item 12 is a ordinance amendment the planning code changing the designation of [inaudible] from a-to a [inaudible] making the findings. >> same house, same call. passed >> 14 is a ordinance to
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authorize the levy and special taxes. 2 thousand 9 [inaudible] >> same house same call. this ordinance is passed. >> item 14 is a ordinance to amendment police code to [inaudible] disclose the rez deblsh [inaudible] for employees and other individuals. privately owned parking lots or garages >> i will note that after i take my [inaudible] supervisor kim would offer a amendment [inaudible] this legislation is basic and straight forward and this will provide wus a better understanding of how private parking lot industry in san francisco operate. [inaudible] spoerted by the commission unanimously. first i want to be very clear that most private
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parking lot operators are good actors and provide a necessary and valuable service to residence and visitors in a honest manner. with that said, there are a few bad actors putting these operators that do abide by the rules a competitive advantage [inaudible] heightened impact on neighborhoods and the general public. [inaudible] requiring a police department permit to [inaudible] those requirements the board recognizes the special and unique naich orphthis industry. the [inaudible] builds on the [inaudible] regarding the obligation of private parking lot operators. we want to be sure there is a level playing
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field and the entrust of the pub lb and employees are being protects. raurpts are required to get a annual permit from the police department and required to submit quite a bit of information including information for background checks and the exist ing process also requires all employees be listed and reported to the police department annually. that is the current requirement. my legislation requires that oberators in addition to what is already required also provide very basic data on theirome ployees. it is important to know that dem graphic information required would not be identifyable to any personal. the items required are the tenure of the employees and the dem graphics
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including gender and residence including zip code. the reason for this is concern about how the-some private parking lot operators are treating their employees. we request tenure information because some operators are concerned that the operators are not allowing employees to stay long enough to actually accumulate senorty and-[inaudible] constant wlae turning over employees to keep them at a low pay scale. they are concerned about gender balance and primary residence in the form of zip code so we know if these parking lot operators are hiring local residence. we can't require them to do so, but it is important to know if they are
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hiring locally. this information will help better understand how the businesses are operating and also provide with a tool to [inaudible] particularly around the wage issue. these reporting requirements will not be a administrator burden being that they are already providing significant amounts of information and the information thatd is required additional is information in the data base. in addition to the ordinance i [inaudible] a report summarizing how the city monitors and defines for existing parking lot operators. that report was helpful and think will help move in the right direction for [inaudible] enforcement. colleagues i'm happy to have your support on this legislation and appreciate the time >> supervisor kim
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>> thank you, i did want to offer one set of amendments and they are not relevant to the items we are amendmenting by the officer today, but were just old language that had already been in our police code. given the [inaudible] i want to insure that different codes also comply with the fair chance act so i want to offer 2 amendments. i handed out coupies. page 2 this is item 5 nob nab a list of each conviction of or plea of guilty for a crime. in the 10 years proceeding the application including the nature of offense [inaudible] in vilailgz of code article 49, which is the fair
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chance act. we acknowledge that companies with under 20 employees are not covered under the fair chance ordinance rbs but if you a parking lot operator [inaudible] you can only consider crimes that you have been contradicted corrected of. the second amendment is page 3. line 22 and 23. provided the applicant shall not acquire [inaudible] police code 49. [inaudible] knows has been convicted. just want to [inaudible] >> supervisor kim. is this a second to that? second by super[inaudible] objections to some visor kims amendment? any
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further discussion? >> on the underlying item as amendmented we take same house came call? without objection that is the case >> item 15 is the ordinance [inaudible] safe body art. to create annual renewal requirement for practitioners [inaudible] by adding fees related to body art [inaudible] >> same house same call. orbd nns is passed. item 16 >> motion appointing supervisor [inaudible] as a alterinate member to the san francisco local agency commission [inaudible] >> motion to exkoos supervisor and [inaudible] seconded by [inaudible] that should be the case. we can
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take a roll call on this vote >> supervisor wiener. i >> [inaudible] supervisor comps, i >> [inaudible] coen rks i. supervisor kim. i. supervisor tank. tang, i. there are 9 y >> that motion is approved. [inaudible] why don't we go to roll call for introduction >> supervisor wiener you are first up to introduce [inaudible] >> thank you, [inaudible] today i am-i held a hearing and we did reports for the mpa about the performantance of their cystism in terms of
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maintenance needs on time serve squs disruptions in the subway. we receive a report about the hearing. given recent events we will go back to having a hearing for the next quarterly report we will schedule in the next month or so. the system has had very significant discorruptions including yesterday when a computer failure shut down the subway. it is unclear why [inaudible] could not move it to the manual operation and continue to actually get peep tool work at the height of rush hour. unfortunately these types of disruptions are all too common and very frustrating to rider and me not just as a rider but as a person that represents riders. [inaudible] for the